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We are a boutique web agency that specialises in bespoke design and custom web applications. With a team that has more than 12 years of software development and design experience, we offer quality digital services to companies seeking to innovate.


EKA Group

EKA Group is one of the leaders in the construction industry in Cyprus. With more than 70 years of high quality services in Cyprus, the online presence of EKA Group needs to be in par with the company's excellence. A high quality bespoke design, paired with a customly developed website that showcases and compliments a strong and unique brand.


This year’s CEO global survey by PwC marks its 20th anniversary. We are proud to have worked once again with PwC Cyprus for the website of the 20th Annual Global CEO Survey.
Over the past 20 years, PwC has through this study given business leaders across the world a platform to share their views, concerns and plans for the future. A 60-second overview of this year's results and key findings in Cyprus.

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Cal Creative Website

A powerful brand, a unique team and a great company to work with. When "Creative" is part of your brand, you only settle with the best for your online presence. A playful yet professional design which showcases the main aspect of a great Communications agency. Its Creativity.

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We have a soft spot in our heart for confectionery shops. When the chef at Aroma Vanilias came to us for the design of their new website, we knew we had a challenging task ahead of us. How do you show your visitors the unique experience of tasting a delicious chocolate cake? The website of Aroma Vanilias features a bespoke design with heavy use of high resolution images to effectively attract potential customers to one of the best confectionery shops in Nicosia.

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